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Predicting Churn

In mobile and web analytics churn describes the users who stop using a product. In a paid subscription service it's just the number of users cancelling the subscription. For free products churn is often approximated by the number of users who don't come back for a certain amount ...

Multi cursor in Jupyter

This just made my day. Jupyer has multicursor support. Alt + mouse selection for multiline selection and Ctrl + mouse clicks for multicursors. Thanks to hellpanderrr who pointed that out here.

Watch Tiny Neural Nets Learn

In this post I'll show you some animations of tiny neural nets learning. Finding the right neural net for a given problem needs experience and experimentation. I'll show you the steps and missteps it took me to find a good net to predict a noisy sine function.

I ...

First Steps With Neural Nets in Keras

The best way to learn an algorithm is to watch it in action. This is why I created the simplest possible neural network in Keras. It's just a single neuron. We will train it on the simplest nonlinear example.

In this post I will explain the basics of neural ...

Why Blog?

The first blog that really caught me was Coding Horror by Jeff Atwood. He is also one of the cofounders of Stack Overflow and Discourse. I was super late on the train when I discovered it in 2012. At the time I worked as a programmer at an enterprise software ...